Ultimate Post List Pro: Support of custom taxonomies new in version 4.0

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Some like it special

Assume you had installed a plugin which offers new post types and new taxonomies to let you publish posts of special kind and with own properties. Plugins like Events Manager  and WP Jobs Manager are good examples for that extending features.

For example “WP Jobs Manager” offers a custom post type “Jobs” and the custom taxonomies “Job categories” and “Job types”. They let you categorize and tag job offers with their own vocabulary, without messing up with the categories and tags of the standard blog posts.

So, did you ever try to use “Ultimate Post List Pro” with that special types of taxonomies? That is possible since the version 4.0 of the plugin ‘Ultimate Post List Pro’ for WordPress, finally.

Augmenting custom-tailored lists of posts

The following screenshot shows you a sample of the new post type and taxonomies the plugin “WP Jobs Manager” adds to your WordPress installation, marked in red color:

Sample of list edit page with custom filters
Red marked: Additional filters on the list edit page fpr custom post types and custom taxonomies of the plugin WP Jobs Manager

“Ultimate Post List Pro” enables you set custom-tailored lists of posts many purposes. For example to build a list with fulltime job offers only. Or a list with job offers of a special job category, and so on.

Imagine the vast range of specialized lists of posts if you would use an event manager plugin and want to promote your events! “Ultimate Post List Pro” makes them possible for you.