Ultimate Post List Pro 6.1.2: Revised use of values of WP Job Manager

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“Ultimate Post List Pro” (UPLP), a plugin for WordPress, introduced in version 6.1 the support of the 3rd-party plugin “WP Job Manager” (WPJM).  If WPJM is active in you WordPress site you can create job offers. With UPLP you can taylor fine-tuned lists of job offers both as widgets and as contents in posts and pages. What is WP Job Manager?

More appealing output of job informations

Each job offer made by WPJM provides custom fields for jo details, like the location, an address for applications and the date when the offer will expire. With UPLP you can select which fields to display at which position and how to label them.

While UPLP 6.1 just displayed these entries without any changes UPLP 6.1.2 displays the entries more interesting:

  • the address where to send the application is a link: if it is an email address the link will open with the user’s email client with prefilled “To:” and subject; if it is a web address (URL) the link will point to the entered address
  • the job location is a link pointing to the location at Google Maps
  • the company’s web address is a link pointing to that address
  • the company’s twitter name is a link pointing to the profile on twitter
  • the expiration date is displayed in the format you set on the list’s edit page

The other values you can display with UPLP will be print unchanged unless filter functions change them:

  • company name
  • company tagline (a short description)
  • author of job offer

Control the output via filters of “WP Job Manager”

UPLP uses the values the functions of WPJM return. These functions let filters alter the output by functions you or 3rd-party functions defined in the PHP code. So the relevant filters of WPJM takes effect:

  • the_company_name
  • the_company_tagline
  • the_company_twitter
  • the_company_website
  • the_job_application_method
  • the_job_location

Style each list entry of a job as you like

You can design each job detail in an UPLP list with CSS selectors. You can write styles for each value of an entry in the list. Please look into the HTML code to find out the computed class name for a value. The class name starts with “uplp-“, followed by a sanitized string of the value.

Screenshot List Entry with WP Job Manager
Screenshot of a list entry with WP Job Manager and custom style with CSS

You can also set styles for every list entry of e.g. the company name with the help of built-in CSS class names of UPLP:

  • .uplp-_application: application email or url
  • .uplp-_company_name: company name
  • .uplp-_company_tagline: company tagline
  • .uplp-_company_twitter: company twitter
  • .uplp-_company_website: company website
  • .uplp-_job_author: author of job offer
  • .uplp-_job_expires: expiry date of job
  • .uplp-_job_location: location of the job

Moved option on the list edit page

One minor change was made for more logic: Theh option “Open link in new window” was moved to the section “Links”.

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