Ultimate Post List Pro: Introducing custom link at list end

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The version 11.7.0 of “Ultimate Post List Pro” (UPLP) introduces added options for a custom link at the bottom of a post list. You will find these options on a list edit page in the box “‘More’ Element Options”.

How the new options look like

Screenshot of the new options
The new options for a custom link at the bottom of a post list, as displayed on a list edit page

Available options to specify the custom link

You can set:

  • Switch the display of the link on and off
  • Label of the link
  • URL of the link
  • Alignment of the link

You can align the link to the left, the right and centered. The default alignment is a centered link.

You can enter the web address of a web page. The URL has to start with http:// or https://.

The link is displayed at the bottom of the list after the “More” element and before the paging navigation.

Up to today all options are available in English and German.

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Such a pleasure to work with this flexible plug-in, and with the developer. We are building our newsletter with it -- to collect, sort and format excerpts of our posts in the past 30 days.

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