Ultimate Post List Pro: Full item clickable new in version 5.4

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Version 5.4 of Ultimate Post List Pro, a plugin for WordPress, provides a new option. With that you can make each list item clickable as a whole.

In a list of posts generated by Ultimate Post List Pro you can let display several data about each post like the post title, the thumbnail, the post date etc. Each post data can be set as a clickable link.

If you do not want parts of each list item being clickable but the whole list item as one single link the new option “Clickable elements” let you switch to that setting. Try it out!

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Tjerk Zweers 2016-07-19 Amsterdam, the Netherlands Website
Great post listing  

Ultimate Post List Pro is super! Tons of options to setup as many post-list as you want. Still easy to setup within a minute. Great for content-heavy magazine style website and blogs.

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