Ultimate Post List Pro: Date and time filters new in version 5.2

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Ultimate Post List Pro is a very versatile plugin for WordPress to display custom-tailored lists of posts. Since version 5.2 you can filter the posts by date and time. Just mouseclicks or keyboard hits are sufficient, no programming is necessary.

Options: Start date and end date

The screenshot shows you the section of the time-based filters.

Screenshot Date and Time Filters
Date and time filters on the edit page

You can set a start date. Posts of this date and after are displayed.

And you can set an end date. Posts of this date and before are displayed.

And you can combine start date and end date to define a time period. Posts of both dates and between are displayed.

Option: Current time rules

The screenshot shows you the options of the pulldown menu for the current time.

Screenshot Options for the time period
The options for the time period: current hour, current day, current week and current month.

If you maintain a news blog it is attractive to your visitors to promote the latest posts. You can let display posts automatically based on their publishing date and matching one of the conditions:

  • current hour
  • current day
  • current week
  • current month

Of course you can combine that filter with a start date and an end date to let show particular posts within a time period.

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Ultimate Post List Pro  

Ultimate Post List Pro is a very powerful plugin, and the support from WP Tools Shop is amazing. Bought it think it had a particular feature, but I was wrong. Martin at WP Tools Shop handled it brilliantly and we had the feature we needed within a week. Very impressive!

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