Ultimate Post List Pro 8.2.1: Fixed static item widths in small displays

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Static width to flexible width in small displays

You can set a width for the items of an Ultimate post list. In the case the available width is smaller than your desired width parts of the contents of the list items are not visible. Because the width is not adapted to the available width.

Version 8.2.1 of “Ultimate Post List Pro” fixes that undesired behaviour . Your desired width takes effect if the available width is the greater one. And if the available width is the smaller one, e.g. in small displays, your desired width is ignored and the available width takes effect.

The result is a well designed layout without cropped contents. The contents of the list items are adapted to the current width and displayed fully visible.

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Eppu 2017-01-02 Finland
Sublime support  

What I wanted to do is to show more related jobs on the widget area using WP Job Manager.
After some searching I came across Ultimate Post List Pro. It had almost everything I needed.
In couple of hours after requesting new features I got answered with some extra questions and after couple of days the new feature was implemented.
I'm using over 50 plugins on my last WordPress install and the support is the most important.
I can honestly say that the best support that I have had in this project and most of the plugins that I'm using have been premium is from this guy.
Thank you so much.

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