Ultimate Post List Pro 7.3: Added output options for post modification date

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Version 7.3 of Ultimate Post List Pro (UPLP) gives you some options to control the date of the last modification of a post.

Like the release date of a post (as known as publication date) you can

  • sort posts by last modified date,
  • show or hide the date of the last modification of the post,
  • set the modification date clickable, pointing to the month archive,
  • place the date at every position, e.g. after the post title or before the post thumbnail,
  • align the date left, right or centered.

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Michael Heinbockel 2020-05-20 Website
Powerful Tool - Ultimate Post List Pro  

The plugin is incredibly comprehensive and cleanly programmed. The support is excellent. Unfortunately it "bites" with other plugins like "Tooltips", but maybe this is due to "Tooltips". I do not know (yet). However, you can blindly recommend Ultimate Post List and buy it without hesitation. Have fun with it. And don't let the many functions drive you crazy. They are ultimately extremely useful.

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