Ultimate Post List Pro 7.2: Last Modified column in list table added

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Added column “Last Modified”

A user of Ultimate Post List Pro (UPLP) requested sorting the lists by the last modification date and time. That addressed the lists overview table in the WordPress backend which lists all created Ultimate Post Lists.

Screenshot Lists Table
Screenshot of the lists table in the backend. Click for larger image.

Sort lists by date & time of last modification

The additional column “Last Modified” appears on the lists table since version 7.2 of UPLP. This column is sortable. You can sort from oldest to latest time and vice versa by clicking on the column head text.

Column headers available in many languages

Screenshot lists table headers in five languages
Examples of the lists table headers in other languages. Click for larger image.

The table column headers are available in many languages. More exact: in as many languages as translations of the WordPress core do exist. There is a huge number of translations of the core, e.g. in French, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Korean etc.

The format of the modification date and time is chossen automatically based on the language of the WordPress backend. That way it is easy to understand in any language.

Sort lists by authors

Additionally the existing column “Author” was made sortable, too.

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Qydos 2017-03-29 Netherlands Website
Great Plugin and Support!  

Ultimate Post List Pro is a great plugin with lots of features and settings to change 🙂

I missed some features and they changed it for me! Very Awesome! Thanks again.

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