Ultimate Post List Pro 7.1: Avatars as post thumbnails

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The plugin “Ultimate Post List Pro” for WordPress provides since version 7.1 a new source of the thumbnails in a post list: avatars of post authors.

Bring life with avatars

On the internet a permanent image representing a person or a character is called an avatar. Human beings in images make the appereance of a website vivid.

Avatars as thumbnails
Avatars of post authors as thumbnails in an Ultimate Post List

Avatars are displayed if they are switched on in the “Discussion Settings” of your WordPress site.

Any avatar you set will be displayed, e.g. the “Mystery Man”, automatically generated icons or Gravatars. The latter are images of post authors stored at and delivered by the free online service gravatar.com.

Layout options for avatar images

You have all the layout options that can be set for featured images in an Ultimate Post List under your fingertips.

Screenshot Thumbnail Options 7.1
Screenshot Thumbnail Options in version 7.1

You can set

  1. the position of the avatar picture (left, right, centered, below/above/besides any text in the list item),
  2. the dimensions of the picture,
  3. whether it is clickable or not,
  4. the margins around avatar pictures,
  5. the radius of rounded corners of the pictures
  6. the default avatar if no avatar of a post author is available, as set in the “Discussion Settings” of the WordPress site.

Setting avatars as thumbnails is also available in the free version Ultimate Post List at wordpress.org.

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Qydos 2017-03-29 Netherlands Website
Great Plugin and Support!  

Ultimate Post List Pro is a great plugin with lots of features and settings to change 🙂

I missed some features and they changed it for me! Very Awesome! Thanks again.

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