Ultimate Post List Pro 6.1.3: Some improvements

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The new version of Ultimate Post List Pro, a plugin for WordPress, comes with some minor improvements of technical nature. There is no change for your existing lists, just some things works better in the background.

Specific use of extra codes

Ultimate Post List Pro is build on WordPress standard functions to get a look-and-feel fully compatible with the WordPress backend. Only the edit page of a list needs some technical extras of Javascript code and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Before version 6.1.3 these extra codes were loaded with every page of the backend. Since version 6.1.3 these codes are loaded with the list edit page only to make loading of the other pages faster.

Conformed HTML output

For version 6.1.3 a simple but effective change was made in the HTML output of the widget. Now it is more conform to WordPress standard widgets output. Other plugins lie custom CSS plugins can work better with the Ultimate Post List Pro widgets.

Untouched post titles

Before version 6.1.3 HTML elements in the post titles were removed for security reasons. In most cases it is undesired.  If you have HTML elements in your post titles since version 6.1.3. they are not removed anymore. All typographical formattings like bold or italic letters stay untouched.

Up-to-date compatibility with WordPress

Checks were made to make sure Ultimate Post List Pro works flawlessly with the current version of WordPress (4.7.1).

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Hugh 2020-05-19 Brockville, ON, Canada Website
110% satisfied  

Such a pleasure to work with this flexible plug-in, and with the developer. We are building our newsletter with it -- to collect, sort and format excerpts of our posts in the past 30 days.

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