Ultimate Post List Pro 11.6.0: Ready for WordPress 5.5

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What has changed

  • Added NAV element around the post list if the theme supports the ‘navigation-widgets’ type (introduced in WP 5.5)
  • Added aria-label to the NAV element for better accessibility
  • Added loading=”lazy” attribute to the default image (introduced in WP 5.5)
  • Revised translations for WP 5.5
  • Fixed wrong sanitazion of checkbox groups
  • Updated translations
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 5.5

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John Nixon 2018-08-09 Sweden Website
Very useful and easily adjusted plugin  

This is a very useful and very complete plugin. I highly recommend it. It does take some work to learn how to get the most out of it, but it's not difficult once you understand what all the various fields allow you to do. (Or at least, the ones you want to make use of.) The one thing more I can think of that I would like is if there were an easy way to create a single template that I could reuse.

I am using this in conjunction with Widget Options and they work well together.

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