Ultimate Post List Pro 11.1.0: Introducing Flexbox support

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“Ultimate Post List Pro” (UPLP), a WordPress plugin, lets you create fascinating layouts for lists of posts. You can switch your post list type easily to a “Flexbox” and get all the power of that stunning technique.

And you don’t need to write any code! UPLP gives you easy-to-use and yet powerful options for the post list items like the width, the wrapping and the spatial distriution. And of course you have all the other options like the font styles, colours etc. at your fingertips.

The Flexbox support makes “Ultimate Post List Pro” (UPLP) one of the best WordPress plugins for creating customized post lists with many happy users.

Some examples of the Flexbox’ potential

Take a look at the following examples for the Flexbox feature! Hint: You will see the power of the Flexbox layout at its best immediately if you’d resize your browser window slowly.

Flexbox 1, one item centered

See more examplex with detailed building instructions on Live examplex of Flexbox lists.

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Ginny Deering 2017-02-04 Norwalk, CT Website
Relentless Customer Service  

I had a problem with the pagination on my site and Martin worked on the code until he got it! How many plugin developers would do that for you? I give this plugin 5 stars for its flexibility and great customer service.

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