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Now available: Versatile numbered lists

A client requested the possibility to use numbered lists. Giving you the tools for numbering each list item automatically creates numbered lists to display a fixed sequence of posts, e.g. for step-by-step instructions, flow charts etc. I worked on this, and here is the plugin “Ultimate Post List Pro” with new options!

Control the numbered list

First on the list edit page the new option “Numbered vertical list” in the selection field “Type of list layout” in the box “List Layout Options” let you set a vertical list of posts with leading numbers.

List layout type selection
List layout type selection with the new option “Numbered vertical list”

Appearance of the list item marker

You can choose how the numbering of the list items is shown. Eight options gives you a huge flexibility on creating numbered lists. The options
“Ultimate Post List Pro” provides are:

  • Default sign of the browser (no determination of the representation)
  • Decimal numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.)
  • Decimal numbers padded by leading zeros (01, 02, 03, etc.)
  • Lowercase roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc.)
  • Uppercase roman numerals (I, II, III, etc.)
  • Lowercase classical Greek (α, β, γ, etc.)
  • Lowercase ascii letters (a, b, c, … z)
  • Uppercase ascii letters (A, B, C, … Z)

Guess what? Way more representations are possible! If you miss one of the just write me a message and I will try to implement it.

Specify the start value of the numbering

If needed for your list you can specifiy the number with which the numbered list begins. It can be any integer, even negative integers are supported.

If the list starts with an offset as specified in the box “Post List Options In General”, you can use this option to adjust the start value according to the offset.

Start value field
Start value field

If the list items are not set to decimal numbers, the characters corresponding to the sequence are displayed, e.g. c instead of 3. With negative values, it is up to the browser how the characters are displayed.

Order direction of the numbers: normal and reversed (ascending and descending)

One more option! You can control the order direction of the numbering. Each numbered list can be numbered in either ascending or descending order. A descending (reversed) order gives you the option to display a counting down list.

Numbering direction selection
Numbering direction selection

The descending direction does not reverse the order of the list elements, but only their numbering. If you also want to reverse the sorting order of the list items, go on the list edit page to the “List Options” box and set in the “Posts Sort Order” section the “Order direction” option to “Descending”. That augmented the possibilites of numbered lists!

Please note: Descending numbering is not supported in Internet Explorer and Safari 5.1 or earlier.

Examples of numbered lists

The two following examples are two lists made by “Ultimate Post List Pro”. They lists the latest 5 posts, demostrating the features for numbered lists.

List of 5 items numbered in reverse order and starting with 3

Counting down the list items is a rare but very effective representation. In the following example, the numbering is also changed to negative. This may seem pointless. But maybe you can use it with one of your lists? “Ultimate Post List Pro” gives you this opportunity! Take a look at the following list:

Please note: Descending numbering is not supported in Internet Explorer and Safari 5.1 or earlier.

List of 5 items numbered with small Greek letters

The next list shows the small Greek letters as list items. Especially scientific texts like to use this representation. These letters are also useful if the list is a sublist in a list. Take a look:

Added option for permanent use of the default thumbnail

This version of “Ultimate Post List Pro” introduces a new option for the thumbnails. If you want to display the same image at each list item, you can specify that!

Default thumbnail checkbox
Checkbox for activating the permanent use of the default thumbnail.

It is just a small checkbox, labeled with “Always use the default thumbnail”. If activated this option overrides the options for the thumbnail source. You can set the web address (URL) of the thumbnail in the following text field “URL of default thumbnail”.

Further improvements

Version 10.2.0 of “Ultimate Post List Pro” also contains some code revisions and fixes. It fixes wrong checkbox default values and erroneous breaks in narrow lists. I revised the columns adding function and the CSS generation for the ordered lists. And all new texts are translated into German.

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