What users said

Great support!  

Bought the "Widget Visibility Time Scheduler Pro" and had some issues first which where solved by the support quickly. Thks a lot!

M.B.    2020-06-25   Switzerland    Website   
110% satisfied  

Such a pleasure to work with this flexible plug-in, and with the developer. We are building our newsletter with it -- to collect, sort and format excerpts of our posts in the past 30 days.

Hugh    2020-05-19   Brockville, ON, Canada    Website   
Great plugin! Great support!  

Highly recommend. The Ultimate Post List Pro plugin does exactly what it says it will do and then some—there are an amazing number of options that give full creative control over the plugin's appearance and functionality. Having said that, there was one feature that I was looking for that wasn't offered so I reached out to Martin. To my surprise he offered to make adjustments to the plugin to suit my needs. He's knowledgable, professional and friendly, and handled matters very quickly. Thanks again Martin!

TTrusty    2019-02-12   Dublin   
Great plugin  

I'm using this plugin to save me a lot of time in the future. The options are nearly endless. These first days i'm still finetuning with a lot of help from Martin, the developer of Ultimate Post List Pro. I believe this 4,5 will be 5 stars soon! 🙂

Cor    2018-10-21   The Netherlands   
Excellent Support  

Plugin is very helpful! What I appreciate the most was the support given by developer. He was very patient and responsive to my requests. Top notch service. Highly recommended purchase. Worth the $$.

Joana Sinel    2018-08-07   Singapore    Website   
Just what I was looking for  

This plugin Ultimate Post List Pro allows you to make your website look really customized without touching code.

AmyH    2017-08-01   SOUTH ORANGE    Website   
Great Plugin and Support!  

Ultimate Post List Pro is a great plugin with lots of features and settings to change 🙂

I missed some features and they changed it for me! Very Awesome! Thanks again.

Qydos    2017-03-29   Netherlands    Website   
Sublime support  

What I wanted to do is to show more related jobs on the widget area using WP Job Manager.
After some searching I came across Ultimate Post List Pro. It had almost everything I needed.
In couple of hours after requesting new features I got answered with some extra questions and after couple of days the new feature was implemented.
I'm using over 50 plugins on my last WordPress install and the support is the most important.
I can honestly say that the best support that I have had in this project and most of the plugins that I'm using have been premium is from this guy.
Thank you so much.

Eppu    2017-01-02   Finland   
Amazing plugin! Fantastic support!  

Ultimate Post List Pro is awesome! I have a lot of professional advise blog posts, that are not date driven so the random feature is perfect for us. This plugin and the company is top notch.

Ira Wendorf    2016-07-20   Florida, USA   
Periodical Widget Visibility  

Very helpful plugin for showing widgets in periodical intervals - you can't find an other similiar available plugin with these features! Great support - thank you very much!

Christoph    2016-07-09   Austria   
Powerful Tool - Ultimate Post List Pro  

The plugin is incredibly comprehensive and cleanly programmed. The support is excellent. Unfortunately it "bites" with other plugins like "Tooltips", but maybe this is due to "Tooltips". I do not know (yet). However, you can blindly recommend Ultimate Post List and buy it without hesitation. Have fun with it. And don't let the many functions drive you crazy. They are ultimately extremely useful.

Michael Heinbockel    2020-05-20   Website   
Ultimate Post List Pro  

Ultimate Post List Pro is a very powerful plugin, and the support from WP Tools Shop is amazing. Bought it think it had a particular feature, but I was wrong. Martin at WP Tools Shop handled it brilliantly and we had the feature we needed within a week. Very impressive!

Jarle, Senson AS    2019-02-20   Oslo, Norway / Kapiti Coast, New Zealand   
Ultimate Post List Pro  

It's perfect plugin and very fast support!!!

mimik    2019-02-09   Lublin   
Very useful and easily adjusted plugin  

This is a very useful and very complete plugin. I highly recommend it. It does take some work to learn how to get the most out of it, but it's not difficult once you understand what all the various fields allow you to do. (Or at least, the ones you want to make use of.) The one thing more I can think of that I would like is if there were an easy way to create a single template that I could reuse.

I am using this in conjunction with Widget Options and they work well together.

John Nixon    2018-08-09   Sweden    Website   
Request to add year  

I have been using this plugin for a few years to full satisfaction. To be able to make better use I asked if it was possible to add the year to the settings. That was nothing too much to ask. This has been arranged during the update to version 4.0. Very nice!

Erik    2018-06-22   The Netherlands   
Great Job  

'Ultimate' is right - the plugin Ultimate Post List Pro makes it possible to make all kinds of lists with just about every different feature you might want. Martin was super in helping me fine-tune the appearance. Five stars!

Kerry    2017-05-06  
Relentless Customer Service  

I had a problem with the pagination on my site and Martin worked on the code until he got it! How many plugin developers would do that for you? I give this plugin 5 stars for its flexibility and great customer service.

Ginny Deering    2017-02-04   Norwalk, CT    Website   
Exactly the Plugin I was looking for  

I just want to show „adult-advertising“ in the evening. That’s why I was looking for a time based widget. The plugin Widget Visibility Time Scheduler Pro is exactly what I wanted. Effortlessly installation and integration. It is more expensive to find another solution than to buy this comfortable plugin and install it immediately. (7+ Star rating)

Stefan    2016-10-05   Euskirchen    Website   
Great post listing  

Ultimate Post List Pro is super! Tons of options to setup as many post-list as you want. Still easy to setup within a minute. Great for content-heavy magazine style website and blogs.

Tjerk Zweers    2016-07-19   Amsterdam, the Netherlands    Website   
Excellent plugin  

Ultimate Post List Pro is a terrific plugin with lots of great options. The support is great tool, Martin answered all my questions quickly and updated the plugin to solve a problem I was having. Highly recommended.

Karen    2016-07-07   Evatt, Australia   

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