Periodical Widget Visibility Pro 4.0: Added year filter and spanish translation

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Finally: Exact control for each year

The plugin “Periodical Widget Visibility Pro” (PWVP) for WordPress has now a long awaited year filter. You can set the year in which the scheduler settings of the respective widget will be applied to.

Oftentimes there are annual events but they does not happen on the same date every year, e. g. Eastern, the company’s summer festival or winter sports competitions. The year filter enables you to control easily the visibility of announcements for the next years.

Screenshot Year Filter in a widget
Screenshot Year Filter in a widget

Just create a widget for each year, set the content and set the scheduler to the days and times you want to display it, and type in the year’s number in which the scheduler should work. Once saved you can “forget” the created widget for the next years.

New: Spanish translation of PWVP

The new version 4.o of PWVP introduces a spanish translation. And it is successfully tested with the last WordPress version 4.9.6.

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Erik 2018-06-22 The Netherlands
Request to add year  

I have been using this plugin for a few years to full satisfaction. To be able to make better use I asked if it was possible to add the year to the settings. That was nothing too much to ask. This has been arranged during the update to version 4.0. Very nice!

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Hi Martin, searching desperately for a plugin to schedule sidebar widget content alternating per week (opening times one week so, the other week different and back).

is this maybe part of your plugin? or would it be possible to ‘order’ one…? if so please mail me to get an idea of the cost…

Hello Anne, the visibility per week is possible:

  1. buy a Single License of “Periodical Widget Visibility Pro”
  2. use five widgets in the widget area
  3. in the first widget specify the visibility for the “first” weekdays of month and select all weekdays and months and save the settings
  4. 4. – 7. repeat this for the “second”, “third” etc. weekdays until “fifth”.

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