New: Ultimate Post List Pro with paging navigation options

Icon Ultimate Post List Pro

Ultimate Post List Pro is a plugin for the famous WordPress software. Besides the functions to let you build up custom-tailored lists of posts as widgets and post contents a new feature was added. Now you can switch on a paging navigation.

Pagination is useful if the list is very long. If you want to shorten the displayed list and let your visitors browse through all list entries a paging navigation does that for you.

The style of the navigation depends on the theme of your website.

The options for a paging navigation in Ultimate Post List Pro are:

  1. Show or hide the paging navigation
  2. Headline of the paging navigation
  3. Number of links on either the start and the end of the navigation list edges
  4. Number of links to either side of the number of current page
  5. Show the previous and next links
  6. Link text for the previous page
  7. Link text for the next page

This image shows a screenshot of the paging navigation options:

Screenshot of the paging navigation options in Ultimate Post List Pro.
The paging navigation options in Ultimate Post List Pro