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Font styles of list items since UPLP 8.2

The new version 8.2 of the plugin “Ultimate Post List Pro” (UPLP) for WordPress introduces options to set the font styles for particular text elements of each list item. You can set the post title, the excerpt and so on to these values:

  • normal
  • italic (cursive)
  • oblique
  • inherit
  • initial

You can emphasize a text element visually or overwrite an undesired font style effect of the theme.

Further improvements of UPLP 8.2

That version of UPLP also provides revised sanitations for texts and URLs in the Ultimate post lists and revised translations. The feedback message in the WordPress backend after activating the plugin is dismissible since that version.

Changes in UPLP 8.1

In versioin 8.1 of “Ultimate Post List Pro” provides improvements

  • added options to change the paging navigation headline font family
  • added link to customer’s account at the online shop
  • revised message on plugin activation
  • updated translations
  • tested successfully with WordPress 4.8.

Version 8.1.1 corrects text which were outdated with the introduction of WordPress 4.8.

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John Nixon 2018-08-09 Sweden Website
Very useful and easily adjusted plugin  

This is a very useful and very complete plugin. I highly recommend it. It does take some work to learn how to get the most out of it, but it's not difficult once you understand what all the various fields allow you to do. (Or at least, the ones you want to make use of.) The one thing more I can think of that I would like is if there were an easy way to create a single template that I could reuse.

I am using this in conjunction with Widget Options and they work well together.

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