Introducing Shortcode Attributes in Ultimate Post List Pro 8.0

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New: Overwrite list settings with shortcode attributes

With version 8.0 of Ultimate Post List Pro you get more flexibility in using lists via shortcodes. This version lets you overwrite list settings by shortcode attributes.

The shortcode attributes are:

  • list_title: controls the headline of the post list
  • included_tags: shows only posts assigned with the specified tags
  • excluded_tags: hide posts assigned with the specified tags
  • included_categories: shows only posts of the specified categories
  • excluded_categories: hide posts assigned with the specified categories

Read more in the Developer notes about shortcodes.

New: List Title option

Before version 8.0 of UPLP the list headline was taken by the title of the list in the backend. There are cases where you want to use another headline or no headline.

For that the list title option is added on the list edit page.

Important: If you want to go on using the list title as list headline please enter the list headline in that option.

List of lists with one click in the WordPress backend

The menu items in the backend navigation were reordered. Now a single click on “Ultimate Post List” is sufficient to get the list of Ultimate Post Lists. The former main page “Overview” was renamend to “Help” and is now a subpage of “Ultimate Post List”.

More help on Help page

The former page “Overview” is now called “Help”. It was extended by detailed informations about

  • how to use the introduced shortcode attributes
  • how to export and import all Ultimate Post Lists setting to migrate them from a WordPress installation to another installation.

All translations were updated with the new texts.

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Eppu 2017-01-02 Finland
Sublime support  

What I wanted to do is to show more related jobs on the widget area using WP Job Manager.
After some searching I came across Ultimate Post List Pro. It had almost everything I needed.
In couple of hours after requesting new features I got answered with some extra questions and after couple of days the new feature was implemented.
I'm using over 50 plugins on my last WordPress install and the support is the most important.
I can honestly say that the best support that I have had in this project and most of the plugins that I'm using have been premium is from this guy.
Thank you so much.

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