heading tag for title does not work when using shortcode in a widget

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    I see that “HTML element of list title Headline level in lists printed by shortcode, ignored in widgets”, but when trying to use the shortcode (via the HTML widget), the heading tag is not used either.

    Can’t see any way to force heading tag at all with this use. Have I overlooked something?

    If its not available, could you please make it available? An argument to be added to the shortcode would work for me, but an option in the list setup would probably be best.

    Martin Stehle

    Hi Jarle, if I use the shortcode in a HTML widget there is no output of any list. Instead the shorcode is displayed as is.

    But if I use the Text widget the list is displayed with the title, as specified in the list edit page, placed in the specified HTML element.

    Please use the Text widget instead of the HTML widget.


    It outputs the list in both cases.
    But in NEITHER does it output the <h3> that I have defined to use for the list title.

    You can see it in use here, with the text widget: https://mestring.no/hva-gir-okt-kompetanse-i-helsepedagogikk/ (Left column).

    Martin Stehle

    Just for me to be clear: did you set the widget title on the list edit page or in the widget? Please use the field ‘Title of the list in post content’ on the list edit page and keep the title field in the widget empty. That will display the list title within the desired HTML element in the widget.


    I see I might have misunderstood.

    I thought the pro edition allowed me to wrap each post title thats showing in the listing with HTML and/or headers.

    So instead of
    <div class=”uplp-post-title”>Fra pasient til student i kommunene</div>

    it could be <h3><div class=”uplp-post-title”>Fra pasient til student i kommunene</div></h3> or possibly

    <h3 class=”uplp-post-title”>Fra pasient til student i kommunene</h3>

    Are there any hooks/filters I can use to accomplish this in the Pro version? From what I could see of the free version there was no way to do it there.

    Martin Stehle

    So you are talking about the post titles and not the list title? It is correct that the post titles are not marked up by a HTML headline element. But that is possible as a new option to specify the hierarchy level of the headline. Would that be a solution for you?


    Yes, that sounds like a solution. If you mean that the post titles (Not list titles) could be set as a h1/h2/h3 etc.

    Martin Stehle

    Ok, I am trying to implement that. Please be patient for a few days.


    Thank you, appreciate it!

    Martin Stehle

    If not specified the style of the post titles in the list as HTML headings is specified by the style of the post content headings. This can lead to an unwanted layout. What would you like to be able to adjust in the appearance of the post titles in the list? Font size? Bold font? Or/and?


    I understand the problem, but I am going to style it via the site CSS, so if you are going to add inline styles / an inline stylesheet, please make it optional.

    Martin Stehle

    Hello Jarle, with the new version 10.4.0 you can set the headline level of post titles. You have options to style the post title’s appereance in the box “List Font Options”.


    Works brilliantly. Thank you. I am very impressed with the quick turn around and great service!

    Martin Stehle

    Thank you! I would be glad if you would write a review.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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