Reply To: My CPT is not available in dropdown


Yes, all the posts in this CPT have featured images, so, yes, this CPT supports featured images.

I have found another plugin that does what I need and overall is easier to use for my purposes. May I have a refund on this plugin?

I made an image to see the problem in more detail:
You can see that the other plugin is displaying the results, but I have no choice for the Field Note CPT in your Post Type Filter. There is also no option for Testimonials which would be another CPT I might use in the sidebar or footer.

In the image you might note that the ‘Post’ type is listed 3 times. The other two are for log files for another plugin, so are not relevant. Actually, most of the Post types listed in your filter do NOT support featured images, but, two that DO (Testimonials and Field Notes) are not listed in the Filter. Could that indicate a bug in your plugin?

Thank you!