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Promote your website’s content in many kinds of post lists and responsive grids

Ultimate Post List Pro gives you an easy-to-use toolbox to make custom-tailored lists of posts. You can place them as widgets and as content on pages.

No programming skills are necessary. With just a few keyboard entries and mouse clicks you get a highly customized posts list. Not only for blog posts and pages, but for any post of custom post types.

Take a look at all the options you can specifiy for each Ultimate post list.

Ultimate Post List Pro is compatible with WPML.

Single Site License for only EUR 19.90 ( USD 23.36 ) (select currency).

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Easy-to-add dynamic “Load more posts” element

You can add a “Load more posts” link or button easily at the end of a list. This element adds further list items dynamically without leaving the page after the user clicked on it.

See live examples of working Ultimate Post Lists

Do you want to see some demos and live examples? Take a closer look at post lists created by Ultimate Post List Pro, running with the current posts of this shop’s blog. Both lists can be also use as widgets in sidebars, footers etc. Ultimate Post List Pro also supports the plugin “WP Job Manager”.

The post list was inserted with a simple shortcode like

[ ultimate_post_list_pro id="12" ]

And that is the current result:

Live example: News about Ultimate Post List Pro

Both lists can be also use as widgets in sidebars, footers etc.

Live example: Latest posts in responsive grid

More live examples

Use post lists in contents and widgets with Ultimate Post List Pro

The widget of an Ultimate Post List

You can use every post list made by Ultimate Post List Pro both as content in a post, page or other document of a custom post type and as a widget in every widget area. Learn more about the easy use of Ultimate Post Lists in your WordPress site.

All the options, all easy to use

Icon SettingsUltimate Post List Pro gives you over 100 options to create wonderful post lists.  Without any need to write code. Just with a few mouse clicks and key hits. See a list of all options of Ultimate Post List Pro.

Developer Notes available

Developers can alter the content and graphical design of each list easily. A detailed technical documentation about adjustments of CSS and shortcodes is available under Developer Notes.

Copy / clone / duplicate list with a single click

Screnshot action link Copy
Underlined in red: the action linkk “Copy” to clone / duplicate a list with a single click.

You can duplicate post lists easily. You do not need to rebuild an Ultimate Post List anymore, just clone it.

All settings of the origin list will be transferred to the new list. It only takes a single cllick on the link “Copy” of the origin list.

Available Languages

The user interface is available in

  • English
  • German (Deutsch)

Unsure? Get the smaller, but free version Ultimate Post List at wordpress.org and learn more about its potential.

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