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Promote your website’s content effectively

The versatile plugin Ultimate Post List Pro offers you over 100 options for high-converting lists of your posts. It gives you an easy-to-use toolbox to make custom-tailored lists of posts. You can place them as widgets and as content on pages.

Options you can set easily

  • Easy to setup within a minute without any coding
  • Limitless number of lists you can create to promote the contents of your website in the best ways
  • Adjustable layout options like Flexbox lists, vertical lists, numbered lists and responsive grids, with easy-to-set background colors, shadows, margins, borders, paddings, widths, heights and link color
  • Lists without or with list item markers like bullets, circle or square
  • Versatile numbered lists with your desired start value, many types of numbers in both ascending and descending numbering orders
  • Many sources of the thumbnail: choose the thumbnail from
    • either the featured image
    • the first post image
    • a default image
    • the author’s avatar
    • the image of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
    • the image and first gallery image of Advanced Custom Fields PRO (ACF PRO)
    • or the book cover image of MyBookTable Bookstore
  • Useable both as post content and as widgets for any post and widget area
  • Flexible post filter options for post types, status, password protection, post ID, date and time, categories, tags, author, custom taxonomies, custom fields and many more
  • Rare sort order options like order by publication date, title, random order, comment count, direction of the order and many more
  • Huge number of post list item options for thumbnail, title, publication date, modification date, author name, excerpt, comment count, type, format, categories, tags, “Read more” text, terms of custom taxonomies and custom fields
  • Many clickable elements like post title, thumbnail, date, “Read more” text, categories, tags, terms, etc.
  • Font options with a click like font family, font size, font weight, font style, alignment and color
  • Over 100 selectable date formats like yyyy-mm-dd, m/dd/yy and even rare ones plus 8 time formats
  • Support of shortcodes in excerpts (you can switch that off and on)
  • Supports any text fields of Advanced Custom Fields (both ACF and ACF PRO)
  • Post thumbnail options like source of the post thumbnail (featured image, first post content image etc.), default thumbnail, position, size, margins, radius of rounded image corners and more
  • Additional Paging Navigation with many options like headline, font options, numbers of links, user-defined labels for Previous and Next links, placed above or below the list or both
  • Interactive “More” element options for loading further list items at the bottom of the list with many design options
  • List title Options like user-defined title, URL and HTML element of list title
  • Easy to use with some mouse clicks and keyoard key hits, no programming knowledge needed
  • Copies / clones / duplicates a list fast with a single mouse click
  • Imports all lists from the free version “Ultimate Post List” easily with a single mouse click
  • Supports the plugin “WP Job Manager”, “WooCommerce”,
  • Supports “Advanced Custom Fields” (ACF and ACF PRO) field types ‘Link’, ‘Page Link’, ‘Post Object’, ‘Relationship’ and ‘URL’
  • Works also for products in WooCommerce and many other custom post types
  • compatible with WPML
  • 1-year license with access to support and upgrades, can be renewed as often you want, and you will keep on usign the plugin after expiration (except support and upgrades)
  • GDPR compliant since the plugin does not collect any personal data
  • Tested successfully with the latest WordPress version

Take a look at all the options you can specifiy for each Ultimate post list.

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Makes your website look really customized without touching code!

See live examples of working Ultimate Post Lists

Do you want to see some demos and live examples? Take a closer look at post lists created by Ultimate Post List Pro, running with the current posts of this shop’s blog. Both lists can be also use as widgets in sidebars, footers etc.

The post list was inserted with a simple shortcode like

[ultimate_post_list_pro id="12"]

Live example: Latest posts in responsive grid

More live examples

Developer Notes available

Developers can alter the content and graphical design of each list easily. A detailed technical documentation about adjustments of CSS and shortcodes is available under Developer Notes.

Are you uncertain if the plugin runs in your installed page builder? Find that out in an easy way: Try the free version Ultimate Post List (at wordpress.org). If it works, “Ultimate Post List Pro” will also work in your WordPress installation.

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Kerry 2017-05-06
Great Job  

'Ultimate' is right - the plugin Ultimate Post List Pro makes it possible to make all kinds of lists with just about every different feature you might want. Martin was super in helping me fine-tune the appearance. Five stars!

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