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Control the periodical visibility of each widget based on months, days and time easily

The plugin Periodical Widget Visibility Pro enables you to set the period, months, days, weekdays and daytimes of the visibility of each widget easily.

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Easy to use and versatile

The following screenshot shows you the interface of Periodical Widget Visibility Pro. You will find it in each widget after the plugin was activated.

Screenshot Version 4.0.0
Screenshot of the scheduler options per widget. Click for the full sized image.

Scheduler Options

After you have activated the plugin ‘Widget Visibility Time Scheduler’ you go to the page ‘Widgets’ in your WordPress backend. Under each widget you will find options which enables you to set the timed visibility of a widget explicitly.


By default no timed visibility is assigned with a widget. If you set the ‘Schedule’ option to ‘Show‘ or ‘Hide‘ the visibility time settings take effect.

Days of week

Activate the days of the week where the scheduled visibility should take effect.

Start time and end time of day

Set the start time and end time of the scheduled visibility for each day of the week.

Three types of periods: weeky, monthly, yearly

In each widget you can set one of three types of visibility periods: based on days in months, weekdays in months or a yearly period.

Visibility based on days in months

If you select the option ‘Days of months‘ you can select every day of a month, from 1 to 31, and every month of a year to control the visibility of the widget. Since the months can have 28, 29, 30 or 31 days but you want to use the last day of any month there is an extra option ‘last day‘ which picks the last day of a month regardless of the length of a month.

Visibility based on weekdays in months

The option ‘Weekdays of month‘ enables you to select every ordinal number, every day of a week, from Monday to Sunday, and every month of a year to control the visibility of the widget. If you want to pick the last weekday in every month take the option ‘last‘.

Visibility based on a period in every year

Do you want to show a widget every year on Christmas, Eastern, or hide it on your summer holidays? The option ‘Period in year‘ controls the visibility of a widget from your desired start day till the desired end day in the year.

Visibility based on a specified year

Since version 4.0 you can use the Year Filter to type in the year’s number in which the scheduler will be work. That way you can create multiple widgets for each year in the future. Once saved you can “forget” the new widgets.

After you have clicked on ‘Save‘ you can say: That’s it!

Compatibility with Jetpack

This plugin works perfectly with Jetpack’s “Widget Visibility” module. Both plugins enhance each other to give you great control about when and where to display which widget on your website.

Available Languages & GDPR compliance

The user interface is available in

  • English
  • Spanish (Español)
  • German (Deutsch)

It does not collect any personal data and is ready for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

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Christoph 2016-07-09 Austria
Periodical Widget Visibility  

Very helpful plugin for showing widgets in periodical intervals - you can't find an other similiar available plugin with these features! Great support - thank you very much!

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